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Finally saw the replay to the UEFA match today…

It was beautiful. literally beautiful. I can’t think of anything else to describe the match. It WASN’T perfect but it was Barça and that’s all I wanted.

Mascherano and Piqué and the defense gave me like six heart attacks but its whatever. When the ball hit the post!

I’m still in awe. It was so great. We truly had everything going for us. I knew we were going to score within the first ten minutes. It’s such a Barça/Messi thing to do. And when Guaje scored! Lets just say it was a good thing no one else was around (cause they’d have been legitimately scared by the inhuman noises coming from me).

I love this match so much, not because we’re now in the quarters for the Champions League but for what it actually means to Barcelona and their fans. They asked us for their support, their trust and we gave it to them, wholeheartedly. At least I know I did. 200%. Nothing is impossible for Barcelona.

I’m in a state of euphoria right now. It’s kind of ridiculous.

4-0 FOR TITO. Tots units fem força!
Adios culés. :)

We went for the game from the first minutes. We believed in it, and when you believe, you can do things like this. This is a dream. All the suffering after my broken shinbone is forgotten now.

David Villa (via football-addict)