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Either you’re with me or against me, and if it’s the latter, you best stay out of my way.

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I'm a male and i started following you because you posted cool stuff. I saw your feminist stuff too but i didnt really pay attention to it but then i started noticing feminism all over tumblr and so i did some research. I dont know why more people arent on board its here to help. one definiton i saw of it said "to create a society in which individuals’ genders don’t restrict them from an equitable shot at success and happiness" i thought that was beautiful. Tumblr does help ppl bcuz i learned





These shows taught me all about animals, science, math, geography, reading, grammar, kindness and friendship. 

This will always be golden 

aww yissss

I can feel the nostalgia ooze into my bloodstream



I get a lot of asks about where to buy Studio Ghibli’s films, so here’s a list of the available releases via Amazon US. Many of the Blu Ray releases are combo packs that include the DVD. The DVD link is for the DVD only. Unavailable releases are marked with a strikethrough.

Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro: Blu Ray and DVD

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Blu Ray and DVD

Castle in the Sky: Blu Ray and DVD

Grave of the Fireflies: Blu Ray and DVD

My Neighbor Totoro: Blu Ray and DVD

Kiki’s Delivery Service: Blu Ray and DVD

Only Yesterday: Blu Ray and DVD

Porco Rosso: Blu Ray and DVD

Ocean Waves: Blu Ray and DVD

Pom Poko: Blu Ray and DVD

Whisper of the Heart: Blu Ray and DVD

Princess Mononoke: Blu Ray and DVD

My Neighbors the Yamadas: Blu Ray and DVD

Spirited Away: Blu Ray and DVD

The Cat Returns: Blu Ray and DVD

Howl’s Moving Castle: Blu Ray and DVD

Tales from Earthsea: Blu Ray and DVD

Ponyo: Blu Ray and DVD

The Secret World of Arrietty: Blu Ray and DVD

From up on Poppy Hill: Blu Ray and DVD

The Wind Rises: Blu Ray and DVD

The Tale of Princess Kaguya: Blu Ray and DVD

When Marnie Was There: Blu Ray and DVD

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